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A Coworking Operator’s Guide to Keeping Your Community and Business Healthy

By Iris Kavanaugh Women Who Cowork March 12, 2020 — Santa Cruz, CA Women Who Cowork provides resources to prep for coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak (Photo:..

March 12, 2020

Women Who Cowork announces crowdfunding campaign

(Contributed) November 20, 2019 — Santa Cruz, CA and Austin, TX (Photo above: Women Who Cowork co-CEOs Iris Kavanagh, left, and Laura Shook Guzman...

November 20, 2019

How to Create Community Norms in Your Coworking Space (and Why You Should)

By Cat Johnson For CloudVO August 28, 2018 — Santa Cruz, CA Community norms are an essential element of a coworking community. They set expectations and..

August 28, 2018

Here’s what you missed while SCTB was on vacation

By Sara Isenberg Founder, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, Santa Cruz Tech Beat August 12, 2018 — Santa Cruz, CA I’m stuck at the Boston airport..

August 12, 2018

The Near-death and Unexpected Reemergence of a Coworking Community

By Cat Johnson Content Strategist and member of NextSpace Coworking April 12, 2018 — Santa Cruz, CA (Photo above: Longtime NextSpace Santa Cruz members..

April 12, 2018

Coworking space comes to Monterey

By Kimber Price Monterey Herald (Photo above: Avneesh Kumar and Sam Hain, Pacific Grove startup entrepreneurs who founded Monterey’s first coworking space...

March 27, 2018

Bringing Gender Equity to the Coworking Movement: A Q&A with the Founders of Women Who Cowork

By Cat Johnson February 27, 2018 — Austin, TX (Photo above: Women Who Cowork is a global alliance of 400 female coworking space operators..

February 27, 2018

Dearest Bennett – We’ve started a movement in your name

By Iris Kavanagh, Coworking Consultant, and Cat Johnson, Freelance writer and content strategist. Special to Santa Cruz Tech Beat October 10, 2017 —..

October 10, 2017

Don’t microwave fish (AKA Coworking Etiquette: the Ultimate Guide)

By Cat Johnson Freelance writer and content strategist September 27, 2017 — Santa Cruz, CA I adore coworking. I’m one of those people—not uncommon in..

September 27, 2017

Coworking Unbound brings free coworking opportunities to Santa Cruz area libraries

By Sara Isenberg Founder, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, Santa Cruz Tech Beat June 7, 2017 — Santa Cruz, CA Pilot program at Live Oak Library promotes..

June 7, 2017

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