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A Coworking Operator’s Guide to Keeping Your Community and Business Healthy

By Iris Kavanaugh
Women Who Cowork

March 12, 2020 — Santa Cruz, CA

Women Who Cowork provides resources to prep for coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

(Photo: Iris Kavanagh is the co-CEO of Women Who Cowork, a global company cofounded and co-headquartered between Austin, TX and Santa Cruz, CA. Credit: Jules Holdsworth Photography)

There are a lot of questions floating around about the current threat of Covid-19, and for the coworking community, these questions stem from how to keep our communities healthy, to how to keep our businesses open should things get really weird in a global pandemic situation.

Our hope is that this virus dies out quickly and everyone gets to breathe a sigh of relief and perhaps have better hygiene while sick, in the process.

That said, we are collaborating with several coworking leaders on a set of resources that operators can use in response to the threat or outbreak of an infectious disease.

Of course, this post is focused on the current Covid-19 outbreak, but let’s be real: Coworking spaces need a protocol for how to handle emergencies, disasters and infectious disease outbreaks, so this post may be updated and may grow into a larger, collective effort.

We have pulled resources from across the different global organizations responding to the global outbreak (as of this writing, WHO has not yet classified this as a pandemic) and listed them here.

Here’s what is covered in this blog post:

  • Quick start guide to keeping your space healthy
  • Signage that you can print and hang in your space
  • Best recommendations for how to handle sick members and sick employees
  • Ideas on how to keep your community connected in the event of an outbreak or quarantine in your area
  • Ideas on how to keep your revenue coming in in the event things take a while to settle
  • Info for spaces that offer childcare and cater to families
  • Links to external resources to keep you updated on the outbreak and response

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