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ModernTRIBE: The Events Calendar Joins the Liquid Web Family

(Contributed) January 8, 2020 — Santa Cruz, CA and Lansing, MI [Editor’s note: Read Modern Tribe’s blog post about this news here.] Liquid..

January 8, 2021

Modern Tribe shares actions for inclusion on International Women’s Day

(Source: Modern Tribe blog) March 9, 2018 — Santa Cruz, CA Modern Tribe is focused on creating a welcoming environment for all people who value a diverse..

March 9, 2018

Modern Tribe Case Study: Tuniversity

(Source: Modern Tribe website) June 29, 2017 — Santa Cruz, CA Music Education Reimagined With the goal of reimagining music education for students across..

June 29, 2017

DevOps Workflow Spotlight: Modern Tribe

By Lizzie Yarbrough Pantheon November 3, 2016 — Santa Cruz, CA Modern Tribe is a development agency operating in a manner many of us strive..

November 3, 2016

I am Shane Pearlman, Partner at Modern Tribe. Ask me Anything!

By Shane Pearlman Modern Tribe, Inc. October 6, 2016 — Santa Cruz, CA [Editor’s note: Yesterday, Shane Pearlman, founding partner at Modern Tribe,..

October 6, 2016

Making the Case for WordPress in Education

(Source: YouTube) July 14, 2016 — Santa Cruz, CA Featuring Shane Pearlman, CEO of Modern Tribe, and Pantheon’s Jeff Pflueger, this one hour session..

July 14, 2016

Modern Tribe on ambitious 2-year Steelcase redesign project

(Source: Modern Tribe’s case study.) May 26, 2016 — Santa Cruz, CA Steelcase, the largest furniture manufacturer in the world, needed a development..

May 26, 2016

What does Modern Tribe + GigPress mean?

(Souce: blog) March 30, 2016 — Capitola, CA [Editor’s note: Santa Cruz Tech Beat has also published this related article: Modern Tribe..

March 30, 2016

Modern Tribe Acquires GigPress

By Sarah Gooding WP Tavern March 30, 2016 — Capitola, CA [Editor’s note: Santa Cruz Tech Beat has also published this related article: What does..

March 30, 2016

Prestige Conference in Minneapolis Features Peter Chester

(Source: Jennifer/Prestige Conference) March 4, 2016 — Minneapolis, Minnesota The Prestige Conference welcomes Peter Chester to their lineup of speakers..

March 4, 2016

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