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Aeroasis CleanFuture UV Sterilizer: Finally, A Sustainable Way To Sterilize My Stuff!

By Thomas Wollenberger
CEO & Founder, Aeroasis
Special to Santa Cruz Tech Beat

March 7, 2020 — Santa Cruz, CA

(Photo: The CleanFuture UV Sterilizer by Aeroasis is a handheld UV system capable of fully sterilizing all kinds of materials. Contributed.)

Handheld UV system capable of sterilizing large variety of materials

If you would have told any of us at Aeroasis 4 months ago that the entire world would be locked down and that whole supply chains would vanish overnight, we would have thought you were crazy like anyone else. Not only does Covid-19 derail numerous plans made by many great startups in the Santa Cruz community, it also puts pressure on existing “infrastructural” businesses and supply chains that are experiencing a 10 – 1000+ percent increase in demand. With growing concerns nationwide that this pandemic could require months more of lockdown, there is a growing need to start addressing long term solutions to now everyday problems.

Where in some areas of life and business waste / pollution have significantly reduced, in others the level of waste has risen significantly, especially in the cleaning-chemical industry. People are panic-buying rubbing alcohol, gloves, and sterile wipes at unprecedented rates, even going as far as to buy cleaning products intended for use in niche applications to try to substitute out-of-stock common cleaning products. As the months roll by, this will present several key threats that we foresee:

  • There will be more chemical runoff in city water drains, which will affect local wildlife long term.
  • There will be less and less availability (or higher and higher pricing) of common cleaning products.
  • After weeks or months of buying sprays, cleaners, wipes, and other cleaning supplies for repeat use every day all over your car and house (or office), the costs will add up in a way that is unnecessary and unsustainable.
  • Those who are out of these cleaning supplies will automatically have less ability to keep pathogens at bay, and will be at a higher risk than others in the general population.
  • Those substituting the correct cleaning agent for an available alternative may not know the risks associated with that product and expose themselves or their families to harmful chemicals if not careful.
  • Businesses will have a harder and harder time staying open with all the risk of liability without an hourly sterilization procedure. This will use up cleaning supplies fast.
  • Hospitals may eventually even run low on daily-use sterilization products, which will present systemic risk in more ways than one.

Assuming any of the above to be true and imminent, Aeroasis feels a direct obligation and compulsion to help prepare locals and local businesses in Santa Cruz County for the worst. We have spent the last few weeks designing and testing a UV sterilization wand which uses UV-C light to kill 99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria. The CleanFuture UV Sterilizer is a handheld UV system capable of fully sterilizing all kinds of materials, and can be used to safely ensure virus-free surfaces for over a year and a half between bulb changes, even if used for 3+ hours a day. For its power output, the CleanFuture UV Wand is the most cost effective handheld unit made and sold in the US. A brochure with all the detailed information on the system can be found here:

We certainly didn’t invent UV sterilization, but we are the only Santa Cruz based manufacturer of these systems, and are the only manufacturer in town focused specifically on servicing the Santa Cruz Area in this time of need. We will not sell any inventory outside the county until demand within the county has dropped post-pandemic. Aeroasis will be making and selling these wands to the Santa Cruz County area in the coming weeks, in an effort to help flatten the curve and keep it flat. We really believe that these kinds of cleaning solutions will be useful for life, and will far outlast their usefulness during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you or someone you know might be interested in getting a UV Wand (or a few!) for your home or business, please fill out the linked form here – . We will add you to the orders list in the order you fill out the form above.

We hope you and your family are staying safe, clean, happy, and healthy in this trying time. Aeroasis is here to help how we can.

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