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The future of high-tech urban ag

By Derek Markham

[Editor’s note: Santa Cruz Tech Beat published Plantronics and Cityblooms collaborate on sustainable agriculture project, September 25, 2014.]

Cityblooms’ urban agriculture solution is a high-tech approach to hyperlocal sustainable produce. They call it “The Internet of Farms™”

In urban areas, where space is at a premium, local food production takes quite a different shape than in the suburbs or country, where large lots and open spaces are the norm. For urban agriculture, growing space is where you find it, which might be a vacant lot in one instance, or a rooftop in another, or perhaps in an old factory or inside a shipping container.

For those who don’t own their own space, or whose growing space is made up of a bunch of smaller spaces, or if all that there’s room for is a rooftop garden (but not enough room for an entire rooftop farm or a green roof), then one possible solution might be to use something like this modular growing solution, from Cityblooms.

The Cityblooms micro-farms, which are designed to fit around and within existing structures (which makes them a great fit for smaller underutilized spaces in the city), are built around a completely automated closed-loop hydroponic growing system that is highly water-efficient (up to 70-80% more water-efficient than conventional agriculture) and are said to be easy to operate.

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