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Basic Analytics Explained: The Importance of Deep Marketing Analytics

By Chris Miller
Cloud Brigade CEO/Founder

January 14, 2021 — Santa Cruz, CA

How do I get more visitors to my website? What interests actually brought them here? Did they find what they are looking for?


Few businesses operate without a website these days, a necessary tool that allows your organization to connect with the world. The impact a website can have is often underestimated as many business leaders may have no idea what is really happening on their website. Vanity metrics like the number of visitors per month, bounce rate, and referral source don’t begin to tell the story.

Information is power as they say, and whether you want to just see ROI on your website investment, or leverage this asset as a growth catalyst, one must deeply and intimately understand how users find and engage with your website. Once limited to enterprise companies, deep marketing analytics are within reach of smaller organizations. In many cases, you just need a little help from a trusted partner.


Google Analytics has been the gold standard in basic website analytics, it’s free and provides a wealth of information. For all its power, lots of correlations are missing. The reasons are many and range from privacy concerns to pay-to-play analytics provided through other services like ads. New privacy laws also complicate this landscape.

The biggest problem we see is that _if_ the website owner has enabled Google Analytics, they rarely, if ever, look at it. Although the information is interesting and does provide some insights, understanding the information is not intuitive without knowledge around key metrics and indicators. Even worse, the metrics don’t provide any insight into what needs improvement.

How do I get more visitors to my website? What interests actually brought them here? Did they find what they are looking for? Did they even read our content, or just bounce to a competing website? These questions can’t be answered when the website is on auto-pilot.

Basic Analytics Explained

Before we dive into enhanced analytics, it’s important to have an understanding of the basics. If you are familiar with Google Analytics, you can skip to the next section. A few of the common metrics will give you a basic idea about the traffic coming to your website, we’ll explain these concepts below.

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