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SmartBins reimagines grocery stores for a sustainable future

By David Conway
Smartbins Co-Founder

September 8, 2020 — Capitola, CA

SmartBins brings a much needed modern and automated approach to your local bulk aisle by eliminating the need to weigh and write down codes.

[Editor’s note: Santa Cruz Tech Beat published Local tech companies reinvent the bulk aisle on 4/22/2020 with news about Smartbins. This week, founder David Conway wrote to Santa Cruz Tech Beat, “We were recently asked by IDEO to participate in a design challenge… We are working towards opening our first Filole Market in Santa Cruz in 2022 and quickly expanding from here.”]

Solution Title

Updating bulk bins to save our world & wallets!

Solution Summary

Our solution to reduce food relate waste is to create an automated bulk food distributing system that reduces our consumers and manufactures reliance on single-use and disposable plastics.

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SmartBins is built around reusable systems making sustainability a business advantage.

SmartBins builds product dispensers (think automated bulk bin food aisle) selling everyday consumables including food and beverages, cleaning and beauty products. SmartBins makes shopping package-free as easy as pre-packaged in brick & mortar and online retail. This technology holds the key to capturing a $162B+ lost opportunity in retail and addressing the plastic crisis in a profitable way. 

Our aim is to enable a similar supply chain that IKEA Furniture created with flatpack for food and everyday essentials. 

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