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SomaGenics strengthens its IP and technology position in small RNA analysis and biomarker discovery with new patent and publication


September 19, 2018 — Santa Cruz, CA

SomaGenics, a biotechnology company focused on developing lowest bias sequencing and highest specificity RT-qPCR technologies for small RNAs, announced today the issue of US Patent 10,041,107, a continuation of SomaGenics’ patent family entitled “Methods and Compositions for Detection of small RNAs.” The new patent broads protection for SomaGenics’ innovative, circularization- based approaches to accurately detect and quantify small RNAs, including key technologies incorporated in SomaGenics’ RealSeq® NGS sequencing kits for total RNA samples and for biofluids.

A description of the RealSeq® approach together with comparative data with other sequencing technologies was recently published in the paper, “Decreasing miRNA sequencing bias using a single adapter and circularization approach” in Genome Biology ( “With increasing interest in small RNA biomarkers the need for unbiased miRNA quantification is growing,” states Dr. Sergio Barberan-Soler, the lead author. “SomaGenics’ kits are currently best-in-class for sensitive and accurate small RNA quantification,” he continues.

Aspects of the patent-protected technology are also used in SomaGenics’ miR-ID® and miR- Direct® assays for accurate small RNA detection by RT-qPCR from total RNA or directly from biofluids, including liquid biopsy applications. SomaGenics’ technology allows discrimination of miRNA isomiRs/isoforms with single-nucleotide specificity and single-cell sensitivity.

“Although microRNAs are considered viable biomarkers, they have been difficult to identify and validate due to the poor accuracy of detection by commonly used RT-qPCR and NGS methods which often leads to inconsistent and contradictory results,” states Dr. Sergei Kazakov, the lead inventor on these patents. “Our technologies allow for increased precision in quantification of small RNAs from a variety of sample types, including biofluids and single cells, which will facilitate the discovery and validation of reliable small RNA biomarkers for cancers and other diseases.”

SomaGenics, Inc. is a privately held company with offices and laboratories located in Santa Cruz, California. We specialize in developing novel RNA-centered approaches to address unmet life science research and medical needs. Our core competencies include RNA molecules as therapeutic agents, drug targets and biomarkers as well as the development of innovative kits for RNA analysis.

For information on SomaGenics’ RealSeq® or miR-ID® platforms please contact Anne Scholz, VP Business Development,


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