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Dovetail Genomics Launches Commercial DNA Sequencing-Assembly Service


October 21, 2015 — Santa Cruz, CA

New Service Makes Long-Range Information Readily Accessible

Santa Cruz-based Dovetail Genomics just announced the commercial launch of its DNA sequencing-assembly service, which delivers the highest quality genome assemblies currently available to researchers based entirely on short-read NGS data. Dovetail’s novel ChicagoTM library prep and analysis method, combined with existing shotgun NGS assemblies, enables a far more comprehensive view of the genome by producing highly accurate assemblies with as much as a 200x increase in scaffold contiguity.

Dovetail’s proprietary in vitro proximity ligation approach simplifies genomic discovery by constructing read-pair libraries with a broad range of separations, ranging from zero up to the maximum fragment size of the input DNA. To do this, the company’s HiRise software pipeline takes a draft assembly and associated Chicago data to produce far more accurate and comprehensive assemblies than previously possible.

“We are thrilled to announce the broad availability of this technology to the scientific community via our first commercial offering: our Genome Assembly Service,” said Todd Dickinson, Dovetail’s CEO. “Simply put, we make short-read sequencing data even better. By making long-range genomic information readily available, we are empowering researchers to solve a wide range of nettlesome problems in genomic investigations – from complex issues of de novo assembly, to structural variation discovery, microbiome analysis, phasing determination and much more.”

“Dovetail has changed the game in genome assembly,” said Tom Gilbert, professor of paleogenomics at the University of Copenhagen’s Natural History Museum of Denmark, and one of Dovetail’s early beta partners. “Frankly, our team was blown away by the results. I expect that researchers will very quickly make assembly via Dovetail a ‘must-have’.”

“What we have seen in our tests of Dovetail’s approach has been really rather remarkable,” said Axel Meyer, professor of zoology and evolutionary biology at the University of Konstanz in Germany. “Dovetail has effectively obviated the need for the expensive instruments used today to produce long-read data. Dovetail’s Chicago libraries and HiRise scaffolding software allow researchers to get at large scale structural variation in their genomes much more easily using the highly accurate short-read data they are generating every day.”

While Dovetail’s process can work with sequencing data from any instrument, currently the company is targeting data generated on machines from industry-leader Illumina. The company offers several options for obtaining a draft assembly. The most comprehensive is for Dovetail to produce and sequence both their proprietary Chicago library as well as Illumina shotgun libraries to ~80x sequencing coverage, and generate extremely contiguous de novo assemblies that approach chromosome arm lengths. Or customers can provide Dovetail with a draft assembly with a minimum contiguity of 30 kb, and Dovetail will improve the assembly by anywhere from 2-100X or more.

Genome Assembly Service

Pricing for Dovetail’s Genome Assembly Service varies depending on customer requirements. Dovetail also offers ‘a la carte’ pricing so customers only have to order what they need to achieve the goals specific to their research project. Dovetail’s new service is available immediately. Interested parties can go to to order a service project.

About Dovetail Genomics

Dovetail Genomics LLC is transforming genomics by making long-range information readily accessible to all. The company enables researchers and clinicians to solve complex problems involving de novo assembly, structural variation, microbiome analysis, cancer research, phasing analysis and more by providing them a more comprehensive view of the genome. Its proprietary in vitro proximity ligation approach simplifies genomic discovery by integrating the highest quality long-range genomic information with next-gen sequencing output. Dovetail is based in Santa Cruz, Calif., and is privately held. For more information on Dovetail, its technology and service offerings, visit Follow Dovetail on Twitter @DTGenomics.


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