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Rivetz: Introducing the Dual Roots of Trust

(Source: Rivetz website)

October 23, 2018 — Richmond, MA

[Editor’s note: Although not headquartered in Santa Cruz, Rivetz maintains a remote office at NextSpace.]

Why do we need to have more than one place inside our phones to protect our private keys?

Once upon a time, we went to work and used the computers given to us. As technology got more mobile, companies gave their employees computers and mobile phones to take home or on business trips. As smartphones became ubiquitous, people stopped wanting to carry two phones. They could use these smartphones to access email, surf the Internet, play games that simulated flinging birds – what more could one want?

No, not two smartphones. Just one.

People began using their personal devices for work anyway, and employers gave in, setting up BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies and causing their IT departments to seek therapy, probably.

We now log into work environments across a multitude of devices, all of which have different levels of security. Admit it – you’ve signed into work email from public wi- fi at least once. The bad guys now have many different ways to acquire your credentials and use them to compromise your company’s data. Nevermind your own financial data, crypto wallets and social media accounts.

Despite the best efforts of security professionals, there are more ways than ever for criminals to access your information, steal your identity, or otherwise wreak havoc on your personal and business assets.

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