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UC Santa Cruz to play major role in $40 million Center of Excellence in Stem Cell Genomics

by Sara Isenberg
Publisher, Santa Cruz Tech Beat

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) today awarded $40 million to create a new Center of Excellence in Stem Cell Genomics.

Josh Stuart will direct the Data Coordination and Management program for the new Center of Excellence in Stem Cell Genomics. (Photo by C. Lagattuta)

Josh Stuart will direct the Data Coordination and Management program for the new Center of Excellence in Stem Cell Genomics. (Photo by C. Lagattuta)

UC Santa Cruz will partner with Stanford and four institutions in San Diego including the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, UC San Diego, the Scripps Research Institute,  the J. Craig Venter Institute, and Illumina.

The center will apply the powerful tools of genomics–studying the complete genetic make-up of a cell or organism–to stem cell research. The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the disease processes in cancer, diabetes, heart disease and mental health, and ultimately to try and find safer and more effective ways of using stem cells in medical research and therapy.

UC Santa Cruz will run the center’s Data Coordination and Management program, building a centralized database for genomic data produced and used by CIRM-funded stem cell researchers throughout the state. UCSC genomics experts Josh Stuart, David Haussler, and Jim Kent will work closely with other investigators on center-initiated research projects. Led by Mike Snyder of Stanford, the center is expected to greatly enhance stem cell research in California and accelerate the development of new therapies.

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