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Here it is… the Coronavirus Tech Handbook


March 14, 2020 — Global

A crowdsourced resource for technologists building things related to the coronavirus outbreak

[Editor’s note: This resource is not specifically from our local community but it is an excellent resource about the coronavirus and tech. We’re sharing for the social good.]

Public Advice ↗️

Information aimed at the general public, such as public health advice, educational summaries, diagnostic questionnaires, surveys, and hygiene tips.

Remote Working & Event Alternatives ↗️

Tools and best practice for working from home, and guidance for organising and facilitating distributed events, meetings or conferences.

Isolation Toolkit ↗️

Tips for staying at home.

All The Data ↗️

Datasets on everything related to the outbreak from a variety of national and international sources, tracking cases, deaths, transmissions, and more.

Infographics ↗️

Projects to make the data easy to understand. Dashboards, visualisations, graphs, charts, maps, etc.

Models and Forecasting ↗️

All methods of predicting what’s going to happen in the future, such as mathematical models and prediction markets.

Fighting Misinformation ↗️

Solutions to online trust, verification, fact checking, and reader experience in the interest of addressing misinformation in all of its forms.

Tools for Scientists ↗️

Tools and methods to help the research community collaborate efficiently, such as pre-print review, distributed computing, and open science initiatives.

Resources For Doctors ↗️

Anything that could help a medic. Triage protocols, ventilator settings…

Hardware ↗️

Designs for physical objects to help detect, prevent or treat Coronavirus. DIY ventilators, infection sensors, hygiene hacks…

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