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GamesRadars’ “7 games you need for Nintendo Switch” list includes Thimbleweed Park

By David Houghton

November 7, 2017 — Felton, CA

[Editor’s note: Santa Cruz Tech Beat has published other articles about Thimbleweed Park.]

Thinking of picking up a Switch soon? You should be. Unless you already have one, in which case, congratulations on a job well done. Launching strong and exploding in ever momentum on a monthly basis, Nintendo’s latest console is an absolute delight, in terms of both software and hardware.

But if you are thinking joining the growing ranks of Switch adopters (‘One of us! One of us!’ I promise we won’t steal your soul), you’ll want to be able to quickly assemble a line-up of games that give you an immediate hit of Just Why The Switch Is Great, in terms of their leverage of the Switch’s many, many cool features. So while some games are obvious must-haves purely on their own merits (Helloooo, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), we thought it time to compile a list of the games that, as well as being great, simply do ‘being a Switch game’ really, really well.

Here is that list.

<Ok, skip over the other games.>

Thimbleweed Park

What is it? Monkey Island co-creator Ron Gilbert’s spiritual successor to his early ‘90s Lucasarts adventure games. Part Monkey Island, part Maniac Mansion, part X-Files, it’s both a great throwback to the golden era of the genre, and a brilliant, fresh, modern entry in its own right.

What does it show off? The scalability of Switch games, and how context can transform the whole experience. Play Thimbleweed Park on the TV, and it works as you’d expect. Analogue sticks and buttons control the point-and-click ‘action’, and everyone on the sofa can join in with puzzle solutions. Undock the Switch, and you’ve got a perfect, laid-back, handheld adventure game, ideal for burning through long train journeys while peacefully ignoring that squealing child and band of drunk, middle-aged blokes on their decades-too-late-for-dignity lads’ day out. Get home a few hours later, start feeling lazy, and you can unplug the Joy-Cons, lie the Switch down in tablet form, and sprawl out on the sofa with it, playing the entire thing in touch-screen mode, absent-mindedly poking and prodding your way to victory, like a sleepy chimp ponderously trying to make contact with zoo visitors through the perspex. One game, totally adaptable to your mood and situation. Or ‘switchuation’, as you might pun, if you had no pride.

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Read full article and find out what other games are on the list:


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