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Humble Earth updates EvenTime mobile event app engine

by Tom Padula
CTO, Humble Earth Productions, Inc.
Special to Santa Cruz Tech Beat

January 26, 2017 — Ben Lomond, CA

This app is for attendees at music festivals, business expositions, conventions, and more.

Last summer, Humble Earth proudly debuted its EvenTime engine at the Santa Cruz New Tech meet up. This engine is a new mobile app platform expressly designed for the greatest convenience for attendees at large events (such as music festivals, business expositions, conventions, and more), while gathering valuable information for event organizers to help them create the best events possible.

Users can set priorities various presentations and be alerted ahead of time so as to not miss a thing. (Contributed)

As an initial beta test, music lovers attending the Redwood Mountain Faire music festival in Feltonenjoyed a custom-built application for planning their concert-going experience and finding out about the many vendors there. Over the winter, the team has taken the lessons learned from that beta test, as well as from other at-scale tests, and reworked the user experience. Now users get a simpler, sleeker, consolidated interface, designed to be even more intuitive. The user can quickly pull out his or her phone, set up their event schedule, receive notifications for performances they wish to attend, locate any vendor or performance on the map, or look up any detail about the event.

Humble Earth’s unique user interest-data gathering system provides their client event organizers with a new angle on marketing data. This brings valuable information to their clients by showing the attendee’s interests (or lack thereof) for presenters and vendors in a way that completely protects the privacy of the user.

With a model that emphasizes minimizing the event client’s efforts, Humble Earth aims to make app creation for large scale events easy for their clients. Event clients organize their data and submit it to Humble Earth, which then does the hard work, taking this data and creating comprehensive applications with the EvenTime engine. Humble Earth then publishes the completed apps in both the Apple Store and the Android Store, for clients’ users to readily download.

Humble Earth will soon be ready to accept new clients for the EvenTime mobile event app engine. Toward meeting these goals they have recently welcomed Colin Young, an experienced business executive, to the team. He is leading the drive to secure new clients. Humble Earth is currently focusing its efforts on regional events, planning to scale up to national and international events in the near future.

Humble Earth’s EvenTime engine is available for both iOS and Android devices. Questions and inquiries about the EvenTime engine and custom client apps built on it can be directed to


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