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Brand Monterey Bay works on bringing visibility to the region

By G. Sterns
Brand Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay page in BrandUSA Magazine Discover America (contributed)

Santa Cruz steps onto the world stage in January as part of the US government sponsored BrandUSA Magazine Discover America with our page Monterey Bay. The magazine will be distributed in 10 languages to 21+ countries worldwide.

Brand Monterey Bay is a business league dedicated to promoting the Monterey Bay Region for investment, trade, and tourism. Our motto is “Act Global… Grow Local…”

Congressman Sam Farr states, “There is no place in the world like the Monterey Bay region.” The newly formed Brand Monterey Bay organization is working to spread the congressman’s message to the entire world.

Santa Cruz now has global reach with facilitated access to global markets and investment via Brand Monterey Bay.

Global California 2014 was held in Santa Cruz last month. Brand Monterey Bay announced its participation in the newly formed California Super Region of Innovation — San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley & Monterey Bay — which is reaching out to the world as a global destination for investment, trade, and tourism.

Brand Monterey Bay hosts business leaders from China at the Santa Cruz Marine Discovery Center (contributed)

Brand Monterey Bay hosts business leaders from China at the Santa Cruz Marine Discovery Center (contributed)

Brand Monterey Bay hosted business leaders from China at the Santa Cruz Marine Discovery Center and met with them recently in China for discussions about replicating their Solar Highway models in Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay and beyond. These talks also included collaboration on oceans research and marine tech, as part of Blue Economic Zone Integration, Monterey Bay, Shandong, Mexico with

Brand Monterey Bay is accelerating the Monterey Bay “world class innovation ecosystem” to create a unified message to global partners.

Leading the way for Monterey Bay is our Marine Science MarineTech, Agriculture AgTech, and NewTech innovations in sea, land, air, and space.

Each of the innovation segments will have associated meetups and activities.

Brand Monterey Bay advocates that Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito counties understand their contributions in the regional innovation segments and collaborate to create a unified offering of innovation to the world for maximum investment, trade, and tourism into the region as a whole. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Sea Innovation Segment

The Monterey Bay Crescent Ocean Research Consortium (MBCORC), made up of over two dozen organizations, is working to turn our marine science research into marine tech businesses. MBCORC’s stated mission is to promote the scientific understanding of coastal and marine systems and to facilitate the application of that knowledge for public policy, environmental awareness, and decision-making. MBCORC achieves its objectives by creating, coordinating promoting, and endorsing research, education, and outreach, using the Monterey Bay as a natural laboratory.

Land Innovation Segment

The Steinbeck Innovation Cluster is leading the way in AgTech. The stated mission is to leverage an innovative network of civic, academic, technological, corporate, and philanthropic partners to help our youth become entrepreneurs, drive innovation in our fields and factories, and bring high tech to our industrial zones.

Air Innovation Segment

Our region hosts the Salinas Air Show and Watsonville Fly In. The Monterey Bay UAV Flight School hosts innovative hobbyists, students, professionals, and entrepreneurs in gatherings to exchange best practices and other flight opportunities.

Space Innovation Segment

The Monterey Bay Air & Spaceport includes the Monterey Bay UAV Flight School and Rocket Mavericks the Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation, a non-profit with the mission to create and operate STEM education and professional development programs.

In future blogs, we will go into depth about each of our innovation segments.

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