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Ten Ways You Know You Work in Tech in Santa Cruz

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by Sara Isenberg
Publisher, Santa Cruz Tech Beat

  1. You know who Margaret, Doug, Andrew, Jeremy, Sara, Sol, Chris and Peggy are. wetsuit
  2. You’d rather code on your back porch than take the Apple bus over the hill each day.
  3. If you work at NextSpace you know what 3:58 means. If you work at Cruzioworks you know that “bounce hour” doesn’t happen on a trampoline. If you’re not a member of either, you’re at either place a few times a week anyway.
  4. If you’ve lived here long enough, you know that “ESS-EE-OH” is SCO not SEO, and you either once worked there, or had friends that worked there.
  5. Attending the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup is your favorite thing to do each month.
  6. You know the difference between Santa Cruz TechRaising, the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup, and Santa Cruz Tech Beat.
  7. Your App Dev manager’s wetsuit is drying outside of your IT building.
  8. An IP attorney pays for drinks at The Red.
  9. Traffic on 17 is not a problem you worry about.
  10. You wish you worked at Looker.


Sara Isenberg publishes Santa Cruz Tech Beat for the benefit of the extended business and technology community. When she is not volunteering her time for the tech scene, Sara makes her living by managing software projects, web strategy planning, and providing development team services (including account management, vendor management, strategic partner management, beta project management, referrals to qualified technical team members, and more). Please visit her website: Sara Isenberg Web Consulting & Project Management, or contact Sara by email if you have any project management, account management, or Development Team leadership or service needs.


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