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New tech promises farmers to harvest more spinach, reducing labor costs

By Kate Cimini The Californian July 31, 2019 — Salinas, CA (Drawing, above, shows the Harvest Moon spinach guard attached to the front of a spinach..

July 31, 2019

AgTech Insight and Verdant Form Strategic Alliance

(Contributed) July 11, 2019 — Salinas, CA, and Champaign, IL AgTech Insight LLC, Salinas, CA and Verdant Partners LLC, Champaign, IL are excited to..

July 11, 2019

Western Growers Leadership in AgTech Lauded During Forbes Summit

(Source: Western Growers Blog) July 3, 2019 — Salinas, CA (Photo above: Western Growers’ Executive Vice President Dave Puglia speaks at the Forbes..

July 3, 2019

AGTools showcases content management data solutions for agriculture at Forbes AgTech

By Jan Janes Special to Santa Cruz Tech Beat June 30, 2019 — Salinas, CA Every fruit and vegetable is now produced everywhere in the world, increasing..

June 30, 2019

The Future Of Food Needs To Focus On Bringing Broadband To Rural Communities

By Haley Kim Forbes staff June 27, 2019 — Salinas, CA (Photo above: Rural farmers are lacking investment opportunities, resources like doctors and..

June 27, 2019

More podcasts from Voices of the (Salinas) Valley

(Source: Voices of the Valley) June 11, 2019 — Salinas, CA ‘Voices of the Valley,’ is a podcast where Former Mayor of Salinas and Western Growers..

June 11, 2019

Spotlight on Amy Wu

(Source: Monterey County NOW) June 6, 2019 — Salinas, CA (Photo above: Amy Wu was able to expand from newspaper reporting to documentary film thanks to..

June 6, 2019

Sonny Perdue, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, To Headline Fifth-Annual Forbes AgTech Summit In Salinas

(Contributed) May 6, 2019 — Salinas, CA Forbes today announced that Sonny Perdue, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, will headline the fifth-annual Forbes..

June 6, 2019

Food Autonomy For Santa Cruz — The Aeroasis Mission

By Thomas Wollenberger CEO & Founder, Aeroasis Special to Santa Cruz Tech Beat May 14, 2019 — Santa Cruz, CA (Photo: Oasis has two plant growing..

May 14, 2019

Forbes AgTech Summit comes to Salinas in June

(Source: Forbes website) April 30, 2019 — Salinas, CA The 2019 Forbes AgTech Summit will bring together over 600 global agriculture leaders and..

April 30, 2019

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