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Guest Feature Article Guidelines

Here are general guidelines to review and follow if you’re writing a guest feature article for Santa Cruz Tech Beat. These guidelines are flexible as long as we agree on deviations/exceptions/alternatives in advance.

  • 500-700 words, longer if you wish.
  • Provide 2-4 images/screenshots/photos and I’ll select one or more to include.
  • For each image, include caption and credit.
  • Include your name and title as you wish it to appear in the byline.
  • The focus of the article should be informative/informational and can even be slightly technical. Readers will likely be curious about the story of how you decided to create this app (or startup or business), maybe what you’ve done in the past, etc. Tell your story.
  • Avoid marketing hyperbole.
  • Include your connection to Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Monterey, Salinas, etc. areas.
  • Timing: I publish online during the week and send out the weekly email digest each Tuesday morning with the previous week’s news. I look for final content each Wednesday by 5pm because Thursday is the day I create the digest for the following week. If you let me know in advance that you are sending me something after Wednesday 5pm (and if you’re available to answer email or phone calls Thu-Mon) then the deadline can flex. This must be arranged/agreed in advance.
  • If you agree to provide content by a certain date and your plans change, please let me know asap.

These guidelines are subject to change from time to time without notice.

Once your guest feature article is live, i.e. posted online for the public, you are welcome to post it on social media and share the link to it. If you wish to republish the article content, please follow our guidelines.

Questions? Please ask.


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