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SapientX Adds 35 New Languages to Its Digital Assistant Software

By David Colleen SapientX CEO & Co-founder Special to Santa Cruz Tech Beat November 14, 2019 — Santa Cruz, CA SapientX makes white-label software to..

November 14, 2019

Pediatric cancer study shows usefulness of gene expression analysis

By Tim Stephens UC Santa Cruz October 30, 2019 — Santa Cruz, CA (Image above: The Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative uses TumorMap, a tool developed..

October 30, 2019

Fly Longer, Lift More, and Fight Wildfires

By Joshua Resnick CEO, Parallel Flight Technologies Special for Santa Cruz Tech Beat October 24, 2019 — Santa Cruz, CA (Photo above: Contributed) Let’s..

October 24, 2019

Are we there yet? Karen Miga on the Next Era of Genomics

(Source: October 22, 2019 — Santa Cruz, CA (Photo: Karen Miga is a DNA biologist and co-lead of the telomere-to-telomere (T2T) consortium..

October 22, 2019

Novel nanoprobes show promise for optical monitoring of neural activity

By Tim Stephens UC Santa Cruz October 19, 2019 — Santa Cruz, CA (Photo above: UC Santa Cruz engineers Ahsan Habib, left, and Ali Yanik have developed..

October 18, 2019

Steve Blum: Newsom vetoes California broadband development bills

By Steve Blum Tellus Venture Associates October 15, 2019 — Santa Cruz, CA Governor Gavin Newsom killed the only two bills on his desk that might have..

October 15, 2019

The robots of our future are coming—but they may not be what we think

By Marcus Wu UCSC Magazine October 11, 2019 — Santa Cruz, CA (Photo above: For researchers like Leila Takayama, who are at the forefront of the..

October 11, 2019

Amazon speaks out on minimum wage, climate change, diversity and inclusion, LGBTQ+, immigration, and more

(Source: Amazon website) October 10, 2019 — Amazon headquarters, probably not Santa Cruz Amazon write: We created this page to provide customers,..

October 10, 2019

The Courage of the Early-Stage Entrepreneur

By Marc Randolph Co-founder and first CEO of Netflix October 10, 2019 — Santa Cruz, CA I’ve been talking a lot about courage recently. I’m starting to..

October 10, 2019

Built from scratch: Improving vaccines with molecular insights

(Source: UCSC) September 28, 2019 — Santa Cruz, CA (Photo above: Rebecca DuBois is an assistant professor of biomolecular engineering at UC Santa Cruz...

September 28, 2019

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