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Three Trends Transforming AgTech

(Source: Western Growers blog)

February 12, 2019 — Salinas, CA

As we go into 2019, we see technology has taken the agriculture industry by storm. From farm to table, technology has been the solution for issues farmers face such as food safety, and crop monitoring.

With the global population expected to grow to over nine billion people by 2050, the advancements in agricultural technology is essential in efficient food production.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices which, when connected, has the ability to interact and exchange data. IoT has revolutionized the agriculture industry, making it easier to monitor crop fields, automating irrigation systems and precision farming


Blockchain serves as a digitized record-keeping system by using a network of computers to store data and records in real time. In agriculture, blockchain has made transactions between companies in the industry more secure. In the event of a food safety issue, blockchain allows for better traceability, making it easier to identify the source of the outbreak.

Big Data

Big Data is gathered through technology throughout the field, such as soil sensors and various other monitoring gadgets. In agriculture, big data is being used to improve farmer profitability by assisting in risk management, yield production estimates and other farming predictions.

Many of the agtech startups housed in Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology have innovations that use big data, blockchain and IoT technology. To see what our startups offer and are working on, visit our new AgTech Innovation Directory at


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