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We almost got kicked out of CES for this…

By Justis Earle
President and Founder, HANSnap/SNAP Ring

January 29, 2019 — Santa Cruz, CA

True story! Apparently, you are not supposed to canvas the CES floors like we did in the video… so we asked to take a selfie with the security guard and he jovially obliged.

WATCH: We took a prototype to CES (and it was awesome)

THE GOOD: We got GREAT potential customer feedback from stylish young ladies saying they really loved SNAP Ring: 8/10 people said they thought it would retail for $99 (our target is $49:)).

We had a few very promising meetings with distributors and retailers.

THE BAD: We thought we would save time and money by going to China before we were finished with the final design — Because SNAP Ring is so small, our two CMs could not execute our desired aesthetic — we hired a team locally to finish the design and now we’re back on track.

THE UGLY: Aw, comon! Our prototype is not that ugly! LOL but I’ll tell you what – wearing a working prototype and getting all that juicy feedback (just watch the video already) has made me HUNGRIER THAN EVER  to see SNAP Ring available to customers!!!


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Congrats to this year's Titan's of Tech. Looking forward to the event on January 8.

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