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Behind The Glider: Parts 1 & 2

(Source: Inboard Blog)

November 13, 2018 — Santa Cruz, CA

Part one

Take a tour of the Glider Lab with Part 1 of our two-part series, where the Inboard Design team walks you through how they approached the Glider project from scratch. Just like the M1, it all starts with the rider, which is convenient when you have an office full of them! While other scooters have been designed to be left out on the street all day and churn out cheap copies, the Glider sets the bar for what micro-transportation should be. Don’t believe us? Just watch the video!

Part two

Part II has landed! Our Design Team walks you through some of the finer details of the Glider, a.k.a. the stuff that doesn’t show up on a spec sheet. That means safety, convenience, and overall ride experience, and how those are maximized through our smarter scooter. We know the little things matter, and our team is detail-obsessed so that you don’t have to be!

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The National Science Foundation has awarded a $950,000 grant to support the Next Generation Scholars in Applied Mathematics (Next Gen SAM) program. Led by Pascale Garaud (Applied Mathematics, Baskin School of Engineering), Rebecca Covarrubias (Psychology), Pablo Reguerin (Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Achievement, Equity and Innovation) and Carmen Robinson (Baskin School of Engineering Director of Undergraduate Affairs), Next Gen SAM will provide students interested in completing a MS degree in Scientific Computing and Applied Mathematics with several important resources. This includes financial support in the form of scholarships, personalized academic mentoring and counseling, peer support, and career advising.
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